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ENIGMA™ Turbo Twist Towel Hair Towel Wrap For Women

ENIGMA™ Turbo Twist Towel Hair Towel Wrap For Women

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🔥DRY YOUR HAIR FAST: Nothing beats the original.🔥
  • 🌹Our microfiber hair wrap is made from a super absorbent material that is specially designed to gently and quickly dry hair.
  • Your hair dries faster, helping to prevent frizz and damage.
  • This set of two Turbie Twists comes wrapped in ribbon, making easy and perfect gifts for a girlfriend, mom, new parent, teacher, dorm room, you name it!
  • REDUCE FRIZZ: Rubbing hair vigorously with a bath towel damages strands and promotes frizz. 
  • 🥀SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: A lightweight, perfectly fitted hair turban you can put on with ease. There are no readjustments and no slippage. Your hands stay free and you can move about your morning and hair care routine without interruption. 
  • 💃TWIST AND LOOP: Unlike other brands with flimsy buttons that fall off, our extra strong elastic loop design is easy to use and keeps the Turbie Twist hair turban towel secure on your head - 


    • 👉‍Moisture-wicking microfiber absorbs water faster than a bulky bath towel
    • 👉‍Ultra-lightweight design won't strain your neck
    • 👉‍Less blowdrying means healthier hair
    • 👉‍Fits all head sizes, perfect for kids and adults

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