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ENIGMA™ Propeller Rainfall Shower Head High Preassure

ENIGMA™ Propeller Rainfall Shower Head High Preassure

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🪨The Propeller Shower Head Rainfall High Pressure Water Saving Bathroom Shower Accessory is designed to provide a powerful and luxurious shower experience while conserving water.🐚
  • 🌒Its pressurized nozzle ensures that water flows out at a high pressure, allowing for deep cleansing and massaging of the skin.
  • 💥The Propeller Shower Head is suitable for use in any bathroom, thanks to its universal adaptation feature that allows it to fit onto any shower arm.
  • 🌓With its rainfall design, the Propeller Shower Head provides a gentle, yet invigorating shower experience that can help to relieve stress and tension.
  • 🔥Its water-saving feature helps to reduce water usage, which can help to lower water bills and protect the environment.


    • 🌔Product name: Pressurize Shower Head
    • 🎄Installation specification: Universal interface
    • 🌲Product material: ABS plastic
    • 🌾Product Type: Handheld Shower
    • 💐Usage scenario: Bathroom shower
    • 🌖 Color: Golden

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