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ENIGMA™ Multi-function High Pressure Garden Spray Gun

ENIGMA™ Multi-function High Pressure Garden Spray Gun

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🌻High Pressure Garden Spray Gun Nozzle Water Pressure Power Spray Nozzle Carwash Water Spray Gun Garden Watering Adjustable Hose Nozzle Sprinkler
  • 1.Are you still worried that your spray gun will turn into a pile of plastic waste after a season of use? Choose this home garden spray gun, which is an all-metal integrated design that won’t leak and is effective. 
  • 2. Are you still worried about cramps caused by squeezing the nozzle when watering? Now you can control the nozzle with your thumb and change it easily with one hand. 
  • 🌧3.Practical water flow modes: Maybe you are tired of those nozzle with more than 10 modes, because most of the modes you don’t need to use. 
  • 🌻4.Provide high pressure: Are you still worried that the water pressure at home is weak and cannot complete the watering work, the nozzle provides you with high water pressure. 
  • 5. Multiple uses: Professional garden, lawn, flower bed, courtyard, watering tool, very suitable for washing motorcycles, bicycles, cars. 


  • 🌟1. Metal material, more durable
  • 🌟2. Install the connection tightly
  • 🌟3. Long -term use of high -intensity materials

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