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ENIGMA™ Luminous Star Pillow Led Light Pillow

ENIGMA™ Luminous Star Pillow Led Light Pillow

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  • ☀️ Each pillow features a charming star-shaped design made from plush and velvety-soft materials, ensuring a delightful hugging experience. The integrated LED lights embedded within the pillow gently illuminate, creating a captivating display of colorful twinkling lights.
  • ☀️It instantly transforms any room into a soothing and dreamy environment, perfect for relaxation, bedtime stories, or simply adding a touch of whimsy to your living space.
  • 😌Not only is this pillow a delight to the senses, but it is also built with safety in mind. The low-voltage and energy-efficient LED lights ensure a long-lasting and eco-friendly experience.
  • The pillow is powered by easily replaceable batteries, making it convenient for extended use without the need for constant charging.


  • Soft and huggable star-shaped pillow
  • Twinkle glowing LED lights embedded within
  • Multiple lighting modes and color options
  • Adjustable brightness, speed, and color settings
  • Made from plush and velvety-soft materials
  • Safe, low voltage, and energy-efficient LED lights
  • Powered by replaceable batteries for convenience

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