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ENIGMA™ 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun

ENIGMA™ 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun

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Introducing the 🌟 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun – Your Ultimate Companion for Security and Women's Safety! 

🛡️ Stay Safe and Secure: Elevate your personal security game with our 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun! 

⚡ Powerful Stun Gun: Fearlessly protect yourself with the built-in stun gun that delivers a potent electric shock, immobilizing potential threats in seconds.  

🔦 Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight: Illuminate your path with the ultra-bright LED flashlight that's perfect for evening strolls or those late-night walks to your car. 

🔒 Easy to Carry: Compact and lightweight, this stun gun easily fits into your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. 


🔥 Size: 3052169mm



 Source voltage: 7.2V



 Output pulse voltage: >300KV



 Current consumption: <1.9A for electric shock, <0.8 for illumination


 Electric discharge voltage: 12,000,000 volts


🔥 Input voltage: 110-240V (bi-volt) These fiery specifications make our 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun a blazing choice for your safety needs! 

    🔋 Rechargeable: No need to worry about batteries – our stun gun is rechargeable, so it's always ready to defend you whenever you need it. 

    🚨 Emergency Alert: The built-in alarm will grab attention and deter potential attackers, drawing help when you need it most. 

    🏆 Trusted Security: Join countless satisfied customers who trust our 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun for their personal safety needs. Your protection is our top priority! 

    🎁 Perfect Gift: Looking for a thoughtful and practical gift for a loved one? This stun gun makes an ideal gift choice for family, friends, or anyone you care about. 

    Don't compromise on your safety or the safety of your loved ones. Upgrade your personal security with the 928 Type Flashlight Stun Gun today!  Get yours now and experience peace of mind like never before! 

    Order now and step into a safer tomorrow! 

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