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ENIGMA™ Adjustable Garden Spray Gun Lawn Plant

ENIGMA™ Adjustable Garden Spray Gun Lawn Plant

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Upgrade your watering game with our versatile Metal Hose Nozzle! 

  • Durable Metal Build: Crafted from premium metal, this nozzle boasts long-lasting performance and a sturdy nipple interface for effortless installation. 
  • 🔥 High-Pressure Power: Say goodbye to stubborn grime! This nozzle delivers high-strength water pressure, making it perfect for washing away even the toughest sediment. 
  • 🌪️ 360° Rotating Spray: Enjoy hassle-free watering with a 360° rotating and adjustable spray that ensures even water flow without spills or leaks. 
  • 💧 Leak-Proof Design: Our nozzle features a reliable nipple connector for leak-proof, easy connections every time. No more wastage! 
  • 🌸 Multi-Purpose Wonder: From car washing to watering your garden, this nozzle does it all. Versatile and easy to install, it's a must-have for various purposes. 
  • 🌊 Corrosion-Resistant Copper: Crafted with corrosion-resistant copper, it's built to last. The easy-grip, non-slip design ensures a comfortable fit in your hand. 
  • 🌦️ Flow Control: With simple flow control, this nozzle adapts effortlessly to your needs, from a gentle shower to a powerful jet stream – ideal for gardens and garages. 
  • 🌿 Versatile Utility: Perfect for plants, lawns, gardens, car washing, pet bathing, and outdoor fun. It's a game-changer for all your outdoor needs! 
  • Upgrade your watering and cleaning routine with the ultimate Metal Hose Nozzle today! 

    Material: Durable Aluminum Alloy  Pressure: 10 Bar for a Mighty Blast  Spray Distance: 5~10m of Precision  Type: Syringe Blaster Specs: Barbed with Quick Access Nipple Gasket 🪣 Features: Adjustable Flow & Spray Patterns  Perfect for: Garden Oasis , Car Sparkle , Home Shine , Plants Love , & Crystal-Clear Windows 

    Get ready to conquer your cleaning and watering tasks with ease! Order your Water Gun today. 

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